Zero-waste, large diameter
cooling/heating pipe coil

This was a very straight forward design: 12.5 ft [3810 mm] diameter, 4” sch 40 pipe, free standing cooling/heating coil for an agitated vessel.

The construction material specified for the pipe was Titanium Grade 2, and the vessel was made of composite material. The coil design intersected diverse allied fields of engineering to produce a viable technical and financial design.

On the financial, side we achieved nearly zero waste and the project was highly successful. The coils have been running for years without any problems whatsoever.

Structural subsea chassis

This is the story of a long, light, accurate yet rugged chassis to precisely attach instruments for subsea mapping applications.

We assisted the provider in developing a distortion and stress-free three dimensional lattice structure from welded components at a cost that would make the project competitive compared to well-established companies. We took their idea and introduced improvements that helped this client succeed in a niche market.

Repairs to valve bodies

This repair project was to refurbish very special Titanium Grade 5 valves bodies that had become worn and cracked in service. The castings were stressed, which led to the development of cracks after the warranty period expired.

Our team brainstormed to develop the appropriate methodology, and came up with a method to deliver crack- and stress-free refurbished valve bodies as close to as-new condition as possible for the client. Three-dimensional scanning, welding, replacing portions that were beyond repair, and precision four-axis machining were all part of our method.

The owners did not have to find new valves, discard existing spare parts or set up new ones. Plus, the valves returned to service with new life and identical spare parts.

Material substitution

A prestigious company needed sets of thickener arms made from titanium alloys.

Directly substituting the materials was unlikely to be successful. The substitution in this case encompasses more than thicknesses and sections. The properties of the original and new metals, the availability of shapes, the weld details – all were at issue.

Genfabco fabricated new arms, which have been in operation since.

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