Project consultation

Our detailed project consultation service ensures every piece we build or refurbish meets all aspects of our customers’ expectations.

Code jobs usually begin with customer-written specifications, drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams and data sheets. Many orders require clarifications and alterations. We use our extensive experience to address every issue and deliver improvements.

Genfabco has deep expertise using and substituting materials for corrosive applications. This enables us to support our clients in cases where materials specified in early designs need to be substituted with more available materials, and when alloys must be highly resistant to corrosion.

We deliver every job in strict compliance with our comprehensive American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) quality assurance system – always with the goal of exceeding our customer’s requirements.

Collaborative process

Code jobs usually start from customer-written specifications, drawings, P&ID, and data sheets. Our staff designs the equipment per the client’s requirements.

Complex jobs frequently require clarifications and collaboration. We address any issues or potentially confusing information and offer alternatives and improvements along the shortest possible route, connecting the technical staff on both sides. At all times, we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and goals.

Extensive support, detailed knowledge

Our support extends to engineering and specific knowledge of materials involved. In cases of material substitution from existing designs with traditional carbon and stainless steels for high corrosion-resistant alloys, it is not as simple as changing the construction material. This is especially true when we switch to reactive metals.

Our expertise extends to building new and repairing old pressure equipment in general: vessels, piping, piping components, heat exchangers and skidded systems.

Stellar reputation

Examples abound of Genfabco cooperating and coordinating with customers. Substituting carbon and stainless steels for corrosion-resistant alloys requires expertise in different and allied fields. Material properties and how they react to stresses, technicalities about the welding and standard fabrication methods, availability in the market, cost impact of various options – all these elements work together.

Titanium, nickel and alloy fabrication

Genfabco specializes in working with titanium, tantalum, zirconium, nickel, cobalt, and alloys with little or no carbon content that are highly resistant to corrosion. We are especially known for our expertise in titanium fabrication, and we weld titanium every day.

We are certified to build ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 pressure vessels, ASME B31.1 power piping and ASME B31.3 process piping. We use dedicated tools and machinery when we work with these metals and have daily experience welding them in ways that preserve their anti-corrosion properties.

Fabricating products with titanium, nickel, and alloys requires niche expertise – as well as detailed planning to avoid expensive wastage. Genfabco brings purpose-designed methodology and careful project consultation services to every project, ensuring each one is meticulously planned from beginning to end. We address material availability, input materials, weld details, and other areas up front to ensure every job is successful.

We use computerized numerical control (CNC) machining in the course of our work and in our welding process, supported by up-to-date design and programing software. Constant feed and speed, constant heat input and automated cycles are crucial in delivering consistent, high-quality results.

See our Solutions and Projects pages for more information about the work we have done.

Technical and engineering support

Genfabco’s engineering support service is designed to deliver extra value to our customers. We continuously search for the solutions to every challenge.

Many of the parts we manufacture operate in high-corrosion fluids, which means they must meet extraordinary demands. The engineering support, follow-up and failure analysis that we provide supports our customers by resulting in longer-lasting parts and equipment. We continually search for solutions to the challenges we encounter in our work, including failure analysis and the correct cure for each case.

We find solutions even when direct substitution of materials is not straightforward. Material availability, input materials, weld details and other areas need to be addressed to turn each job into a success story.

Let’s innovate

On-time quality is our slogan at Genfabco. Contact us today to talk about your project.

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